Recommend opportunities and policies for Government to implement and make the Cayman Islands a preferred locale for family offices.

Families benefit from connecting with other like-minded organizations for business and social purposes.

The family office sector and the global business community is dynamic. Families need access to data, analytics and insights from thought leaders to complement their wealth preservation and generation practices on important topics such as ESG and succession planning.

CIFOA provides access to top advisors, thought leaders and quality research to meet the unique decision making and strategic planning needs of families. Additionally, members have the benefit of meeting other like-minded individuals for social networking purposes.

CIFOA helps promote the Cayman Islands as a preferred locale for family offices. Members are welcome (on an optional basis) to support these efforts by joining select conferences and events.

The Cayman Islands community is distinguished by its commitment to Cayman Kind philanthropy. CIFOA provides coordination services for members who may choose to come together to support philanthropic initiatives, either publicly or privately

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